my brain hurts - or 'week two'.

red flower sketch
flower bud sketch red rununculus sketch

after falling short of my own expectations last week, i pushed myself hard to begin taking full advantage of the opportunity to really absorb what is being offered in lilla roger's class.
i suppose that part of my difficulty was in accepting that just creating excellent artwork on paper is not enough. in order for work to be prepared for print or textile or any other market, some digital manipulation is necessary. what i hadn't really allowed myself to realize is that this use of photoshop doesn't in any way diminish the authenticity or value of the original paintings and drawings. it actually allows me more freedom to use my own traditionally made marks in a greater variety of ways.
i still am climbing this steep learning curve but i believe i have had my first break-through.
dinnerplate week two
pictured above is my final design created to be shown within home decor markets. the brief specifically had us creating dinnerware.

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