montcalm point.

summer is here and it's getting off to a proper, humid start. the cats are splayed akimbo all over the floor. you know it's pretty extreme if the felines are uncomfortable with the heat.

first day of summer hike!adam and i went on a hike with the dog to kick off the longest day of the year. we chose to trek the northwest bay trail in the tongue mountain range. it's a significant 10.8 miles round trip but it's mostly flat. there are some sporadic climbs and descents when going over hills and ridges but the trail follows the shore of lake george so it's easy to overlook the exertion.

hike to montcalm point

we stopped and started along the way to let the dog swim and to snap some photos. despite the fact that the trail is so close to the water and the recent amount of rain, the trail was muddy in limited areas. it took us a little over two hours to get to montcalm point from the clay meadow trailhead, passing multiple possible campsites along the waters edge.
a quick swim was a great reward upon arriving at the southern most tip of the tongue mountain range!

montcalm point - tongue mountain range - lake george

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