put your feet up.

the memorial bouquet to our now gone lilac pair.

this weekend we said a final farewell to the gangly, out of place lilac trees. two days of chopping, tugging, dragging and digging has successfully taken down multiple trees, dismantled a dilapidated fence and dug up monstrous growths of grapevine and virginia creeper. we are utterly exhausted, but is there anything better than gazing on a successful yard project...perhaps with a delicious beverage and a comfortable chair?


  1. I vote for a chair at least! : )

  2. No arguments here. All that work does deserve a yummy bev and comfy chair. Is anything taking the place of the stuff you've dismantled and uprooted?

  3. @sedona...we haven't quite figured out what will call the new space home. we're thinking of a rustic, split rail fence?