blissed out.

i mentioned this morning that being able to sit outside to drink our coffee in the sun makes it feel like we're on vacation. the weather has been so glorious this weekend that we have spent as much time outdoors as possible.
we took the opportunity to skip the gym and pedal the 16 round trip miles to lake george. we walked through town and soaked up the sun, getting a last glimpse of the streets before tourist season starts.
i set myself up in the lawn today and painted as though i was in the studio which was very liberating. i was able to see the chickadees setting up their nest in the birdhouse and watched the pair of mockingbirds visit the feeder. a brave groundhog waddled past the dog and myself to explore the garage. lucky for him, the dog was too blissed out in the sun to notice. the groundhog safely navigated out of the garage and back into the neighbors overgrown backyard.
(i will have to take some extra precautions to ensure said groundhog doesn't treat our fledgling garden like a salad bar.)

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