chowder and taxes.

waiting for vegan chowder in saratoga
yesterday adam and i spent the day trekking about downtown saratoga with some good friends. it was the annual chowderfest, which is unfortunately not the most vegetarian friendly event. i was able to get a few cups of veggie chowder and a dessert cup of cake batter frozen yogurt topped with mochi "clams" and cookie croutons. alas, it's about the experience of being with friends rather than the actual activity anyway.
today i have been neck deep in researching freelance illustration as it relates to collecting new york state sales taxes, as well as federal and state income tax reporting. needless to say, i would much rather be walking around outside on frigid sidewalks watching others consuming small bowls of boiled sea creatures than trying to understand certificates of authority, self employment and quarterly estimated state & federal taxes.

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