15 years.

15happy 15th birthday ella!
there's been times in the last few years we didn't think you would make it to this day. you have certainly kept the veterinarian's salaries paid at adirondack animal hospital. most times you're juiced up on 'roids but still turn up your nose at food. it's always fun to play hunt-for-the-puke on your bad days. it's much more fun to see you pretend to be a kitten on your good days.
we have never met another cat like you and we are thankful for every day that you choose to stick around.


  1. What a lovely gal. "Hunt for the puke" made me chuckle - one of our cats makes us play that same game. Happy Birthday Ella!

  2. thanks holly! ella is definitely our skinny little queen!

  3. pretty girl. My Julia doesn't make me hunt - she pukes where I walk! She has long hair, so hairballs get her.