What Month Is It?

Saucy bunny says 'Hello'.
Somehow it is already November. 
A few months back I was pretty proud of myself for starting to sketch out ideas for our annual holiday cards. I had so much time to hem and haw over the details.
And then - POW! - summer is over, my birthday passed (11/5 - write it down for next year, folks), and the sky is threatening snow. 
After finishing my class project for MATS, I doodled some holiday card ideas to send to the printer. The last few years I spent quite a few hours meticulously painting detailed scenes. Maybe it's the influence of my current class or perhaps it's just sheer impatience but I decided to keep things simple this year. 
A new character has made an appearance.
I will not spoil the surprise for those of you on "the list" to receive cards this year but the above bunny may or may not be of acquaintance to the star of this year's Stephenson card.


  1. I love saucy bunny. I think your birthday was written in one of my planners but I've gone through about 12 this year (typically indecisive) and lost it in the shuffle. No excuse, just an apology. I'm going to try to do everything better next year (though I suppose I could start now). If I didn't make this year's "list," maybe you could just send along a .jpeg or something. : )