Fully Committed

Phone Sam
Last night I was privileged to have the unique opportunity to sketch and paint during the dress rehearsal of Fully Committed, the opening show for Adirondack Theatre Festival's 20th anniversary season. I'll be handing in the fruits of my labor to LARAC to be hung for the duration of the show as part of the TOONing In project.
It was a fun challenge to create art in the darkened theater and to try to be as invisible as possible. (Note to self: velcro closures on brush holders and zippered pencil pouches are potentially disruptive to a theater show.) I didn't really know what I had until the house lights turned up. I made the choice to not refine my work beyond what I created in situ and let it hang as is. The spontaneity of a live show and paintings created in the moment makes sense to me.
To see the rest of my work, and that of my fellow local artists, head down to the Wood Theater and buy a ticket to see the show. Our work will be hanging all week!

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