The Yeast Whisperer

On most Sundays this is what our kitchen looks like. My mad-scientist husband is busy measuring gravities, dry hopping, and utilizing yeast to turn wort into beer. 

Based on his ever increasing skills I thought it might be time to revisit another yeast based kitchen skill, making bread. I have never, ever been successful at making risen breads. I usually make bread shaped bricks. We chose to make baguettes on our first team effort. 

While the outcome looked good it was less than delicious; dense, somehow salty, and pretty much inedible.

Round two! A more reliable recipe was found (holy sh*t there's a lot of different opinions and "fail safe" techniques on the interwebs). A more consistent rising temperature was maintained. More kneading and better proofing was completed. Hopes were high.

Wait, what?!? This looks like bread! And it tastes like bread - a delicious parmesan loaf! Success!

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