a vegetable garden mystery.

this years robust tomato plants
i'm not sure what exactly we are doing right this year to make our tomato plants so robust and productive. maybe it's adam's diligent feeding of seaweed and bat guano. maybe it's the extra sun from having torn down that super awful fence. or maybe it's just the steaming hot summer we have had. regardless, most of the plants are at least five feet tall.
but here's the weird thing - something came through the garden recently and grazed the top greenery off of some of the tomato plants. i tried to show this in the photo below although i realize it's a bit hard to see. whatever it was had to be tall enough to eat the leaves only off of the top of the plants.
i thought that tomato greens were poisonous? any ideas on what could have done this?

what tall creature eats and is not poisoned by tomato greens???
*update: we have found the culprit!!! the sneaky fella was properly disguised. it was a tomato hornworm and a big guy indeed.

the culprit - a tomato hornworm

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