and then there's this one.

ellaour beloved, geriatric, siamese cat, ella has been giving us a few extra grey hairs lately.
she has also been keeping the veterinary business running smoothly.
her normally meticulous nature has been broken by unlady-like "accidents" in the bed (i.e. our bed...with fancy comforters) and by excessive time in the litter box. the poor lady has been poked, prodded and examined by multiple doctors and we have forced many a half-dissolved pill down her stubborn throat. yet there still is no resolution.
blood work shows the need for an ultrasound and the need for a "clean" urine sample. the latter which apparently necessitates a needle into the bladder (ouch!).
we are hoping it turns out to be something resolvable but appreciate any extra positive energy you can send our way!


  1. Positive energy coming your way! I hope that she mends quickly. Could it be something as simple as the changes within the house? Kitties, as you know, are pretty sensitive to change...she may be upset by it all? It may well be something health may want to shoot Brian an e-mail. He went through this very thing with his beloved Maurie, and would better be able to relay the cause/treatment. Love and hugs to all!

    1. thank you for the positive vibes :)
      we are relatively certain it's medical as little has changed around the house...except the one bedroom which the cats never had access to anyway.
      ella's staying overnight at the vet tonight. the ultrasound came back good so it suggests a kidney infection. hopefully she just needs the right antibiotic.
      sucks gettin' old :(

    2. Anything new on Miss Ella? Hope everyone is doing well. Yes, it definitely does suck gettin old. Let us know how she, and all, are doing. xoxo

    3. thanks for checking in karen!
      ella is doing much better. the ultrasound was clear and there turned out to be no need for the 'needle in the bladder' test.
      she got a steroid shot, an antibiotic shot and we are giving her liquid antibiotics twice a day.
      she's already back to normal :)

    4. YAAAAYYYYY!!! There's a lot of life and will to live in Miss Ella ... just like Max! Great news!!! Love to all!

  2. Poor dear! I can offer to dedicate a Medicine Buddha puja to her improved health.