oh, hi there.

lake george 6.19.2012happy july to you all. it's hard to believe that summer has only just begun. it seems that the vegetable garden and the flowers are so much further along than usual. it also seems that every spare moment of time has been filled with some task or activity.
here is an abbreviated list of some recent happenings:
   •we put new floor in the kitchen and pantry.
   •we celebrated adam's 35th birthday at one of our local favorite restaurants, bistro tallulah.
   •a gloriously uneventful day was spent on lake george.
   •i unexpectedly learned of the death of a client of more than seven years in a sudden and unexplained way.
   •i made a small effort to restart written correspondence.
   •two new recipes made it into the repertoire: honey habanero tofu and carrot cake cookies.
   •i updated my illustration website a wee bit.
   •we spent a relaxed day catching up with friends, being charmed by their children, and floating around glen lake.
   •and finally, we're getting our packs ready for the first backpacking trip in quite some time. we have four days in the backcountry lined up with the goal of hiking both allen mountain and mt skylight.

(whew, no wonder i'm tired.)


  1. Replies
    1. indeed! although, for the most part, it's all positive stress :)

  2. i for one am pleased about the written correspondence thing! :D xoxo

    1. thanks, ericka. i'm glad your note found its home :)

  3. Renee,My name is Vinessa and I love your blog. Did you hike Nippletop and Dial this saturday the 30th of June? I could have swore i ran into you two on the trail. We are trying to become 46r's. We did Nippletop and Dial. They were peaks 5 and 6 for us! We are from saratoga.

    1. thanks, vinessa!
      that definitely was not us on dial & nippletop on 6/30, but i know you had awesome weather on that hike! congrats on being 6r's...before you know it you'll be counting down your last five too!

    2. I can not believe how similiar those two people looked to you guys. they are your dopplegangers!! It was a perfect hike. long but great weather. It seemed likethe lake rd would never end when we were on our way back. ugg.