Old Fashioned Selfie

I have been meaning to update my profile image. It occurred to me that my previous self portrait was digital even though I rarely work in that medium. So finally here is my watercolor "selfie".


A Day On Lake George 
Thank Goodness It's Spring.
Even this snow-loving girl is ready to stand outside in the sun without the bulk of jackets and boots. I can't wait until I can leave the socks in the top drawer for a few months and reintroduce skirts into the daily wardrobe.
Fashion aside, I am yearning to get into the garden. This year I will be trying my hand at growing potatoes and I will finally be planting some horseradish. Adam has ordered hops to grow along the side of the garage and is excited to brew with his own crop.
Even in the studio it's clear that warmer times are on my mind. My paintings are full of fresh picked garden vegetables and Adirondack summer scenes like the one above.
Can't you just feel the afternoon breeze and hear the soft lapping of the lake water against sun-warmed rocks?

Nothing To See Here

The tomato seeds have been started for our 2014 garden. I always wonder what passersby think when they see the round the clock grow lights in the window.

Step One

A sneak preview of a recipe illustration I started today. Any guesses on the final dish?