I had the privilege of sitting in on a tech rehearsal for UnCivil War, which is currently playing at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls as a part of Adirondack Theatre Festival's 2015 season. I was sketching for TOONing In, a LARAC and ATF collaboration where local artists create art inspired each shows, which is then displayed and for sale.
Not only is it a unique opportunity to sketch during a theatre rehearsal, but I was able to see the show on preview night. I highly recommend going to check it out because it's hilarious!


A fun set of illustrations I did for Graze Magazine's Seventh Issue. Many thanks to Art Director, Mary Delaware.

The Difference Watercolor Papers Can Make

The next four paintings are all using the same Winsor & Newton watercolor paints and Artist's Brushes. The colors and techniques are the same it's only the papers that are different. 
On 140 lb, Arches Cold Press, Natural paper

On 140 lb, Arches Hot Press, Bright White paper

On 140 lb, Arches Cold Press, Natural paper

On 140 lb, Moulin Du Roy Cold Press, White paper

The Moulin Du Roy paper was an experiment to see if I could find a less expensive paper than Arches that would be suitable. For reference, a 22" x 30" sheet of Arches paper is $5.56 and the same sized sheet of Moulin Du Roy is $4.81. I think it was a failed experiment. I have yet to find a paper that I like as much and is as reliably awesome with watercolor than Arches. The last two paintings are astoundingly different considering the same paint and technique was used. The paint barely even penetrates the paper sizing on the Moulin Du Roy paper and leaves an unpleasant stippling effect. Some things really are worth the extra money.