In Memorial.

For my mother on Mother's Day. A tribute to her and my grandfather's recently departed cat.

Let the Camping Season Commence


"When I'm alone in the woods, across the fields, I forget all about myself. I don't exist...but if I'm suddenly reminded of myself, that I'm me - then everything falls to pieces." 

Just Checking In

Oh, hello there. I have been focusing elsewhere and this poor venue has been a wee bit neglected.
Soon I'll be able to share a fun illustration project I finished a while back.
I'm also dipping my toes into the licensing world for the first time.
Stay tuned!

Sea Life - Baby Apparel

Please excuse me for a moment while I pat myself on the back. I have created my first project completely in Illustrator! Bravo, me!
All of you AI superstars can pinch it for just a moment while I bask in my beginners high.